Digital Marketing in 2020 – A Perspective

Digital Marketing in 2020 – Customer Experience is ‘The Key’

Are you one of those who wonder what digital marketing in 2020 will be like? The amount of competition that exists among brands ensures that you will see the best content out there. The key lies in customer experience as more and more customers are exploring the digital space.

Social media is ruling the roost and if you are not out there, then you don’t exist! As simple as that. Social media and mobile apps-based digital marketing is the future. It goes without saying that digital marketing spending will be on the rise. Brands are concentrating on the latest link-building techniques along with great content to capture and retain audiences. Spending less with far wider reach and targeted audiences is what digital marketing trends allow you to do.

Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020


When you talk of personalization, it has been in existence for quite some time, now. That is, however, going to touch new heights with the amount of personal data that the brands have access to. Every aspect of your online behavior will be tracked. Your preferences, time spent on each aspect, your searches, and interests, your buying patterns, etc.

Every bit of this information will be analyzed to provide you- the customer, with the very best of experiences. So much so that you will feel that the Brand cares for you and knows what you are looking for. When you consider that even Google updates are taking personalization into account, personalization will rule the roost in digital marketing. It only remains to be seen to what levels this can go.

Original, High-quality Content



Your search for almost anything under the sun in Google will throw up pages of results. In short, there is too much information out there on the World Wide Web! But it’s more a case of quantity and not necessarily quality. At times, you may have to browse through a few links before you find something that you were looking for.

You must have original, high-quality content as that’s one way to stay ahead of your competition. Yes, content is still the King. This will also ensure you are safe with future Google updates. The latest link building is expected to be one of the key parameters for such future updates. However, content is also going to be an important aspect of SEO’s future. Attractive, original, interactive, informative, subtly suggestive, etc., are the aspects on which content will be judged.

Virtual Reality, Smart Wearables, and Digital Assistants

VR (Virtual Reality)

These three factors are going to change the way we purchase and transact online. And they will also change the way brands interact with their customers. Virtual reality is here to stay. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has indicated that he believes in VR to be a communication platform allowing for unrestrained experiences. Indeed, it is set to transform the digital world in more ways than one can imagine. Like virtual changing rooms, for one!

Smart Wearable
Smart Wearable

Wearable technology is taking personalization to new levels and will become an essential part of digital marketing in 2020. The focus of top brands like Apple, Google, and Motorola on innovations in this area, is ample proof of this. The key is to provide unique life experiences to the customer. And the technology used helps the brand understand you better. In turn, they come out with better devices and you continue to stay loyal!

Digital Assistants

Digital assistants helping you get almost any work done online (and offline!) seem far-fetched but are rapidly becoming a reality. From helping you find things to buy, to make choices, to what to look for, etc., they can become your favorite in the days ahead.

Mobile First

The rise of handheld devices, the penetration of the Internet, and related technologies even to the remotest parts of the world have ensured that mobile is the way to go. With Google updates also keeping mobile as the foremost factor, this is likely to phase out everything non-mobile!!! Optimization for mobile devices is a must-have for digital marketing in 2020.

Pop Ups

Most users have felt that pop-ups are a perennial irritant and intrusive. But it can be used in smart ways to make it attractive. So based on where you are and what you are looking for, a relevant pop-up that can help you is on the cards. More relevant than it is today!!!

Brands are now finding innovative ways to use pop-ups to their advantage. This will help increase brand awareness as well as attract more people. Just imagine – while passing by a store or visiting a link, you get a pop-up about a promotional event that you had no idea about. And then you decide to move in and check it out!


That then is the power of marketing. Digital Marketing in 2020 could be this and much more! Technology is evolving so fast that it is indeed difficult to believe so many of the happenings around you. Is it virtual or is it reality??? It’s a really thin line separating the two…

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