Ram Varma, the founder of Options Global, is a researcher/author and heads it's Content Creation segment, Write Options. Since 2008, he has written thousands of articles in a variety of niches for clients around the world. His areas of expertise include Technology, Business, Healthcare, Travel, and Lifestyle. Over the last 16 years, Ram has written for websites of diverse hues. His hobbies include travel, photography and writing.

Powerful Press Release Content Writing Services


Unlock The Power Of Professional Press Release Content Unlock the full potential of pro-level press release content writing services at Write Options! Every business needs to make sure its press releases are written effectively and professionally. Not only does a well-written release provide customers and potential investors with the information

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Digital Marketing in 2020 – A Perspective


Digital Marketing in 2020 – Customer Experience is ‘The Key’ Are you one of those who wonder what digital marketing in 2020 will be like? The amount of competition that exists among brands ensures that you will see the best content out there. The key lies in customer experience as more

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7 Reasons Why SEO Content is Important For Your Business


Why is SEO Content Important? Here are 7 Reasons: SEO Content is important to achieve greater visibility for your business website. In today’s time, having an online presence has become a necessity for the survival and success of any business. According to a study, “93% of online research begins with

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Content Creation: Why It Is Important For Businesses


Content Creation is The Basic Strategy for Your Business Website Content Creation, combined with great design, is the basic requirement of your website. Along with the content created comes SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest requirements of online presence in today’s digital world. A good

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